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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


By Arcassin Burnham 

1. Country Road 

The summers couldn't get any more hotter while 
The stars are at rest in their space beds with inflammatory 
Feelings of their histories,
I imagine swinging a few ropes or two and wrangling 
The depression up and singing the joyless melody of you,
And blue jeans,
With red socks,
And blood spills on the open tiles as you walk,
I could make a 1000 dollars for the number of times I said 
I told you so , you could never beat the country roads,
Or main streets and florida avenues,
Pacing through the mind like it's absolute,
This is my ode to you and the majestic views that will be
Displayed when you find the beauty in everything you do,
Enjoy the little things you possess to get your mind out of the gutter,
Grab a pen and some paper , I wanna know all about you,
And your country roads,
And the dirt road you walk on every morning to go to school.

2. Smooth & Silkie

I found my place in this world in sets and columns of 
Collections thinking I could have whatever I want to
Avoid the tragic events that happen in my life in any
Effort to try to make it right with the man up stairs,
It's not your fault I didn't care,
Like a rodeo on ice ,
And a fire that grows,
The feeling to be precise,
With everything that you know,
Mistaking weakness for nice,
I still don't understand,
Little children with petty antics , I guess I am a man,

Misunderstood by everybody that I'm around in the fear
Of me losing my mind and going in an insane asylum 
For all the other patients to see the art i create when I talk 
To myself to keep myself safe from being the gullible one,
I have no father, but if I had a son,
He'll have everything he wants when he wants it I promise,
I got too much on my plate as it is to think about this,
I swear thinking about the future makes me really nauseous.

3. Red Thorns 

*I could see your love in the shadows down in Diamond Valley*
*whispering the sweet nothing's more like key lime pie monotones*
*to my open mic*,
*There is nothing in this world that could take me away from the*
*warm embrace that is you conquering my Hearts on scales of a born*
*sinners will*,
*I run in the woods for you*.....
*pluck out roses for two*.....
*tell me what you want to do*.....
*is it any inconvenience to you*.....

*Red dress with Thorns sprouting from underneath with its bliss*
*And intimidating stature looking Godly as a Goddess should on*
*the base of a throne she made from stone*,
*Blonde locks with an attitude minus the power she possesses to*
*manipulate the mind and you waste all of your time spending to*
*try and pursue her likeness*,
*I love holding hands with you*....
*This completes my virtue*.....
*I don't know what we would do*.....
*if they took my hand from you*......
(Static fizzing)

4. Wires / Wastin' / Remember The Leaves 

 Into the times I use to think what would God
Do in my situations?
Sailing through waters in my eyes with so much frustration,
Learning about my origins and having bad reputations,
It was unexpected to a guy with low occupation, at the time,
I was into rhymes, couldn't keep my mind off the truth,
But way into lies,
Looking at the times I've always wasted,
Thinking what if I died today,
Would I pay ? And goto hell for my mistakes?
To search and pray,
What will it take ,
To be the great,
Penny for every ounce of doubt you give so I self-hate,
Piece of cake,
With emblems on us from the things we say,
Have no doubts,
Keep you in my prayers as I pray,
But you still hate,
I can not save you in the normal way,
The only way you'll realize is at the pearly gates,
Hanging on to limitations but I always stray,
From reality,
The clouds is where I could always be safe,
Always be safe yeah...


... Annnnnnnd, you lack a lot,
From your fears , you just find an easy way out,
Don't jump out your socks,
Ahhhhhhhh, I just found a pot,
For me to piss in when I need it,
I'm just simply kicking rocks,
Pleeeeeeeeese, don't give me hell,
Lord I've been through a lot,
I'm distorted, you could tell,
Noooooooooo, no way out,
Of this home that I call hell,
I just wanna scream and shout,

Could you lend me a hand,
I hope you understand,

My life is at its end,
I can't just sit here and pretend

That it's al-right.....


*You use to be*
*someone really special*
*to me*,

*you use to put me in my place when it was necessary*,
*for you*,
*now it's just memories*,

        *You use to be*,
*You use to be*,

        *Everything that*....*I ever wanted in my*,

5. Feels The Heart With Nostalgia

Through the trees like Tarzan,
I could bet to be your man,
"Nah , nah wait hold on",

Through the trees like Tarzan, I could bet to be your man,
In the summer , in the spring, in the fall on my good
I plan on bringing you the joy that you so longed for,
Like the peace of the valley that we have Restored,
*Teenage lovin' like what are you mad for,
I checked your shoulders for some roses on my living room floor,
 saving Jane, we could love forever more,
Infectious love spreading all over me like virus spores,
You make me melt like the chocolate In hot s'mores

6. We're Broken (Just For The Hell Of it)

Times when there was Nothing to eat in the kitchen,
The floor is dirty and nobody ever cleans the dishes,
Living on colored people times like the slave that 
Wishes He was never born in life where they swear that 
They'd mention,
That everybody is equal,
You lose your mind , your considered crazy to people,
You have phobias that remind you of the evils,
have you ever tried seeking help?
They'll lock you down if they need to,
Give you pills that they say will really actually help you,
But they turn your brain to mush and shatter all of your
Fell in love for the seventh time but she just hurt you,
Never held you down when you were blocked from the world,
Which actually was my strong suit,
I was thinking what it would be like to bullet proof,
But we all have our mistakes, our stories, our issues.

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