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Friday, January 27, 2017

"Unknown #24"

"Unknown #24"
By Arcassin Burnham 

Listen to the beat of my heart it's like a tiny drum,
But filled with so much life and blood til it overflows 
With anger and shame to get it boiling or does your
Sadness turn it cold again, 
Maybe you should cut tied up ends,
Maybe you talk to all your friends,
If you had some then that would be somethin',
Really there's no need to pretend,
But you're a loner 
Always will be,
Stays at home and thinks of memories, 
The bad ones not the ones with envy,
Get a hold of yourself in this economy, 
I did not know now where I would be,
if i didn't let shit get to me,
if all the things in life that I've encountered was pleasant to me,
i wouldn't having this conversation with my heart nailed on my sleeve.

"You could walk through the brick road into the future , make you leave your past behind".

- Arcassin B

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