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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wolf Spirit & Arcassin B - "Change Of Heart"

"Change Of Heart"

By Arcassin B & wolf

*AB*: ** was you**,
All along,
I differ from others that find the strength to move on
Even spiritually,
**hurt me bad**,
It almost killed me,
Even in death I would still love you,
There's noone in your frame of mind,
**change of heart**,
Took me back,
Filled with joy,
Don't know long it will Last,
As long as you last,

*WS*: **it's still only you**
have you figured out the rift?
many will come, many may go
but this is and always will be
you and i
me and you
only we own that
back from death you bring me
with a tender kiss
like mouth to mouth regeneration
and soul to soul
like no others
maybe, just maybe
you and me
is all we ever really needed to be
let it last, let it stay
one kiss, i pray....
never go astray.


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