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Monday, August 17, 2015

01. Change It Up - (What's Next mEP)

01. Change It Up

By Arcassin Burnham

Cleaning out the gutters of my mind,
Don't wanna be cornered,
I'm just thinking you keep wasting more time,
If anyone is considered,
Judging me if I ever get out line,
But I just rendered,
I am not anyone's guinea pig!
Putting me in positions I can't handle,
You're a mess,
These tests and my background dismantled,
A hell of a quest,
Couple blocks down near Rockwell's,
Your at your best,
Never had secrets I had to tell,
Never had them on my chest,
I am not anyone's guinea pig!
Kept wondering what was next,
Writer's block left me stuck,
Remember when I use to have threats from my ex,
And I just had to give her up,
Hickies all over my neck,
I'm just feeling so corrupt,
And even when your at your best,
And you just wanna change it up,
You're not anyone's guinea pig!

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