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Monday, August 24, 2015

"Love Is Old , Love Is New"

"Love is old , Love is new"

By Arcassin Burnham

The electricity of your smile covered
In Golden seeds,
I'll be sure that everything will be alright,
Wind blowing in grass fields,
5 dollar pizza deals,
We sure had a great night,
But if i sacrifice my heart in your ritual
Of being true to me,
It will be groovy , it'd be out of sight,
Drive me crazy , my skin I'll peel,
Its your heart I wanna steal,
This drawing of you looks pretty right?!!
For all of my soul prospers,
Trying to avoid the coppers,
Wars, dying , people screaming,
In the smoke with all the choppers,
You were right there waiting for me to save you,
The discontinuation will not ever prosper,

All of our memories are out today,
Blasting in the face creativity,
Pretty shallow but I'd say it's actually quite,
The sunset shining in the grass fields,
In my bed , I always liked the way you feel,
Will I go to bed again? I might,
Beautiful blessings in the ways we move
And creep,
For the cause , wouldn't put up a fight,
Kissing your lips , we love to seal,
The padlocks that are made of fine steel,
As long as I see you in sight,
**love is old**
**love is new**
**love is old**
**me and you**
We're gonna live a happy life,
And If I have to be a heart-strucked immigrant,
I swear I'll put it right.

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