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Monday, August 17, 2015

07. please don't you - (What's Next mEP)

07. Please don't you

By Arcassin Burnham

I knew that I would be all you needed,
But what my needs were craving
Was an ice cold Miller,
Withstanding the erge to break,
Leaving my forbidden pride for two minutes,
Trying to let go my stupid anxiety,
You following me,
But now that I'm 18,
I act childish as possible,
Growing up should be a sin,
I'm even flattered that you'd even leave 
Me high and dry,
But I was never wet so you didn't hurt me,
Dirty laundry,
Washing sweats make up for lost time,
And even I,
Please don't you lay another finger
On my trigger to blow you away,
Because there will be arguments for days,
A lot sarcastic ways,
And some low blows even we can not take,
So what's next?

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