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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

ARCASSIN's Harmful Mix Pt.4

ARCASSIN'S Harmful Mix Pt 4

By Arcassin Burnham

"The Better"

Sometimes I wanna cry,
Your beauty is remarkable,
Do you ever think that I could be a gust of wind,
To be sex high from a huge contact from a friend
I met on the way here from the store,
I'll be your everything and more,
We could make good decisions for the better,
Ashes on the moon from the cigarette I'm not suppose
To smoke, cause me asthma made a truce or whatever,
So I'm very cautious,
Although I'm feeling nauseous,
I'm really into you,
Teenage love don't last as much as we'd like,
We're not kids anymore , from the gates we can
Soar or remain in a comfortable state of life,
Love me unconditionally,
Make love like Ben Thomas and Emily posa,
I can,
Be your everything and more for the better.


"I'm Not Through"

As above and so below the barriers
Of what we stand for,
I'm not through,
Most people wouldn't know what do
With you and your exterior,
I'm not through,
Even the thought of you pesants having more,
I'm not through,
Rots me to the core,
I swear it blends the earth,
I won't be through until he says I'm done,
Run away attention whores you no place
In my cauldron,
I'm not through,
I wasn't asking , I was telling you,
I'm not through,
But many would ask if they could
See the sun,
I'm not through,
If you think I'm horse playing , I have no
Problem with ever showing you,
I'm not through.


"The Past Gets Harder"

Ripples in the waters of depression,
The fight is being taught to you , I hoped you learned your lesson,
I am not a man nor savior of your blessings,
I am just a kid with abilities that are growing,
Anxiety driven you to madness with family,
Everybody needs a little comfort , even the 
Convicts in inner-cities,
The Past gets harder,
Filled with memories,
Y'all got enough of it,
But for starters,
The demons wanna see,
You put the gun to your head,
To end it,
Not A lot of fun,
Having a lot of enemies,
Gotta save my engery,
Have to fight for my future
And my Tendencies,
Artist with an ironfist,
Let me know your secrets,
I won't tell a soul,
I just read between your bones,
If you want some sympathy,
A passion for writing,
I could do exactly what he won't,
So just tell me,
Is it love you feel?

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