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Monday, August 17, 2015

11. Crash & Burn - (What's Next mEP)

11. Crash & Burn

By Arcassin Burnham

Little purple specs make a hole in my mind,
Leaking out memories,
Exporting good ones,
And manufacturing bad ones,
Do I ever go insane enough?
Do I ever play the blame game for drama that I can't combust,
So while I rig it to explode,
My suicide won't be in vain,
If I crash and burn it will not be the same,

To much pain to bare,
The pressure lies in her eyes,
Sorrows caving in,
Stress almost took my head off,
And without looking....
Depression crushed me,
Into a gore of shame,
I emerge from my broken bones,
Which means now a broken spirit,
Don't know if my soul still sits,
I sit still only to notice that my dreams could be fulfilled,
As long as I  don't......
Crash & Burn.

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