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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Sabbath" (ft. IcySky~)

By Arcassin B & Icy

AB :We just need create a sday where all teens could serve their generation well,
And their God as well,
Egging to get a reply,
When you send text messages,
Or telling your childhood girlfriend a shocking confession,
Making ways to make up that sudden mistake,
The man up stairs on the 50 thousandth floor will understand,
He is the boss and you are the employee,
All getting to be employee of the month,
And while you're out mashing cars and smoking weed,
The bible comes up front,
Just pass it along,
You got to be strong,
This is not a fantasy like Edward and Bella,
This is reality,
All your priorities are wrong,
Find peace.
Icy :They say life is like a dream, but know life is a nightmare. We search for these things to make us happy, going along acting like things are fine, but people see through to the real you.
This generation filled with suicide thoughts, and minds unkind. No one sees who is truly there, to catch you when you fall... Get on your knees and get your mind outta the clouds, maybe your eyes will see clearly now... Look up to the heavens and shout as loud as you want, find peace, find love, and find forgiveness... Make this world a better place, and get real, stop living your online fantasy, and start living life the way it should be.

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