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Friday, May 8, 2015

"Favor Us" (ft. FNB)

By Arcassin B & fnb

I could turn a butterfly into a daffodil tear,
Growing the inside out,
Fly with me to paradise,
And forget all your peers,
Or you lose your body like poltergeist.
Feel the soft grass glide beneath your toes
The sweet flower scent rush through your nose
To paradise together we flew, 
Or from my grave, crawling back to you,
And as I keep crawling,
Your loving keeps calling,
Not mad at your insecurity sometimes,
Red lights and stop signs,
Freeze in place while your ahead,
Like arriving in Oakland,
Please just follow what's along the lines,
Leave loose ends but your minds ties,
But we don't die we multiply,
We become as one,
And one in mind.

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