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Friday, May 29, 2015

"Blue Wine / Through May"

By Arcassin Burnham

Static t.v's,
Stare at it 40 hours and tell me you don't feel them pulling at you,
Bringing you down,
Steal things you found,
Take what your names pronounced,
And for what!
So you could drink your sorrows away,
Devil's nectar eating at your face,
I got three words for you,
Leave me be,
Nor redirecting to you,
I swear Its just me,
Put away all the check books,
Words as blue as the sea,
Blue wine is what I drank,
It feels alright to me.


A shot in the dark,
But except the sun reflects,
Off the waters only if you tell it no,
Never takes it for an answer, just a blur,
A lost figment,
So your imaginary friends will never accept,
Resentment is not a good thing to throw at anyone,
But if anyone is wrong,
Then they have every right to ignore everyone,
Tie your shoes and run,
Looking around town for a bit of thrill as in fun,
So while its may,
You may believe all your sentences are important,
Hoping writers block will stay,
Only for a couple of minutes and get lost in distant extortion.

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