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Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Cold Closet"

By Arcassin Burnham

Teenage stories again??
She was an A student,
Traveling a crule and beautiful world filled with dreams and dispair,
No help there,
She knew what she wanted,
Living in a disgusting neighborhood,
Parents barely paying rent on time,
But at times,
It was more like a cry for help,
Other girls bullying her after school,
She yells for help,
But no one aids her,
In pain and exhausted,
She walks home lost and selfpitying herself,
"all those marks on your face.... How come?",
Runs up to her room and never answers her mom,
Then later patches her up,
And tells good night,
Knowing she won't get any sleep,
Cause her parents were gonna get in a fight,
So just do like mommy told you , if there's screaming,
Then you'll know what to do,
What happens in the house stays,
There's no leaving,
In the darkness, dripping tears,
Waiting for it to stop is what she'll do,
Very cold.

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