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Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Young Wonder #1"

"Young Wonder #1"
By Arcassin Burnham

"*Let me be the Muse and the confusion**,
**Riding on a stallion through the pretty green grass**,
**Staying young if we please**,
**Don't want to define the Lord's wishes due to the**
**Beautiful flower crown on the top of the head of**
**A goddess being modest in every aspect of her**
**Life and showing everlasting kindness but me**,
**I've been like this**.....
**Fishing creeks and sundresses fill the ambience**,
**Smelling fresh scents of lavender and smoked wood**,
"*No forest fires in the place that we call home and pour**
**Our hearts out in to jars and burry them underneath the ground**
**With all the other broken dreams that hasn't broke the**
**Jars from within side for all of these problems that we**
**Posses will be in flying Columbines**,
**You pick and choose the destiny** , **God's testing your fate**,
**We lack some empathy but what's not allowed is hate**,
**Follow me**.

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