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Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Lucid Dreaming" (featured on "The Right Way 2" coming August 5) / "Even Still" (Bonus)

"Lucid Dreaming"
By Arcassin Burnham 

Don't look,
Don't open my eyes,
I look within,
To realize,
What my whole deal is,
As it gets,
Take your pick,
Your the expert,
I got to leave all this behind,
Can't be like this my whole life,
Picking your poison,
And your ivy to,
Looking decent in your favorite jeans,
Worthy cannibal,
Yeah your pretty cute,
Pretty as in pretty , and as cute as the soul in you,
Look at whos...
Flirting with you,
So subliminal,

Loo-sing-you is no big-deal,

Insomnia is coursing through my veins as we speak
In tongues and reminisce about the feeling of kissing
Your lips in my dream state,
Was so sweet like cheesecake,
With my knees straight,
Forward like I'm coming off as crucial to them,
My brain cells are dancing to all the track's of
She mind controlled me to make her lust when the
Lights were dim,
And all the other females are reality Sims.

Loo-sing-you is no big-deal.


"Even Still"
By Arcassin Burnham

I find peace and solace knowing that I show 
forgiveness and all that comes to me,
Lacking a lot out of life still,
Walking through the streets with my head held high 
with mental illnesses,
but still,
I'm a loser and I will always remain a loser but not in Gods eyes, 
moving moutains with my words and Reminiscent dreams overcrowding,
i sleep still,
Even though insomnia has me in its clutches,
thinking that the devils gonna hold my body down for practice,
hes a coward still.

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