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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"Turn" (ft. Olivia Kent)

"Turn" (ft. Olivia Kent)

By Arcassin B & Olivia K

**AB**: As long as the earth turns , *let auras fly* into the abyss,
Just to get a hug or a kiss From a loved one,
*OK*: To find you waiting at the end of the world to carry me 
through in a pastel *pink rosebud*,
**AB**: I feel the flames of Hades calling me ,but I
Woke when heard *angelic* presences,
*OK*: calling to me with virgin song, harps be strummed for all to hear, harp strings tug at heart strings,
**AB**: too much decadence for everyday people to comprehend on the
Bliss that is heaven cringed,
*OK*: Painted in raging scarlet, heaven vibrates simplistically, causing rolls of thunderous applause and so those rains fall, releasing the reins of horses wild,
**AB**: And while we lives wondering what have could be a historical moment, Flower grow like stallions flowing through the grass so surreal,
*OK*: and here we live in dreamlike skies as love be cultured as grown pearls before our sparkling eyes.
Together we ride the smiles we share, a surreal helter-skelter.
Known only as true love.

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