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Saturday, July 16, 2016


By Arcassin Burnham

The world's bad enough,
My life is bad enough,
Yours is bad enough,
P.s , life isn't tough,
Cause once you put your trust in the man up stairs,
You'll know just what you get out of it , a palace with
Your peers,
They lack love in the states ,
And everything and everyone has a back story,
So try to ignore the hate,
And they'll over situate the wars,
And starting a new conflict like 9/11 and Paris and Orlando,
I'm making sure I seal all my doors closed, and,
I was skeptical about certain people and wouldn't talk to them,
The life I made for myself was unexpected,
And when shit hit the fan I blamed it all on him,
I souly and utterly regreted it,
Banging in the nails a little bit,
Blaming him for being born,
For going through life blind,
For making coincidental mistakes,
For having mental issues and phobias,
For being black,
For being misunderstood,
For being bullied,
For being betrayed,
For my father leaving me behind like every other 
Bastard child,
For making me wear my heart on my sleeve
And fall in love easily with girl that don't love me,
So I could say things to them like.......


.....I'm so glad,
To be caught
In your love,

The love we have,
I would fight,
For all the above,
All in your love.

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