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Saturday, July 30, 2016

"Third-Eyed Horses" (featured on The Poetry Sequel "The Right Way 2" coming August 5th)

"Third-Eyed Horses"
By Arcassin Burnham 

Noble steeds,
You said your prayers,
Pull the wool,
Times have changed,
You will never let your children turn to fools,
No matter what,
Give the seed,
Settled down,
No regrets,
Create a life,
You will be bound,
Hopefully, your Princes and princesses will make you proud,
Have a life,
So they could put their parents in a home,
You refused,
Now you're staying in your daughters guest room,
~ Present day, ~
Feeling isolated from the world you know,
It don't make alot of since if you don't know,
I could give fuck if you recognize me,
Put my guard up for all my enemies that stay with me,
Just as long,
As the spirits give their kindness all to me,
In the mean time I will do whatever's best for me,
Take no pity from anyone in regards for sympathy,
Killing all of them with kindness carrying the empathy,
Third eye.

The Right Way 2 coming August 5th

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