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Monday, July 25, 2016

"Beautiful Eyes 3" (ft. Wendy StarryEyes) (Photo By: Corrie Brown)

"Beautiful Eyes 3" (ft. Wendy StarryEyes)
By Arcassin B & Wendy

**AB**:  Spirits Are kind when you walk their way with virtue,
**WS**: Mysterious twinkles that ignite the soul within you,
**AB**: I tell myself time and time again to not stare directly
Right at you,
**WS**: Burning anothers heart with joy through and through,

**WS**:A depth transparency that trys so hard to hide your mysterious soul.
**AB**: I was afraid you'd show your face today , forever beautiful even
When your old.


As beautiful as the footsteps that Jesus takes turning Grass
Into gold,
I place my thoughts where they were,
Making memories as I crash through the barriers of 
a corrupted Mind, 
I use to fantasise about the color of her eyes,
Struggling to get attention from her God-fearing
Stature and appearance lacking of disfiguration 
Turning all the heads of the football teams that 
Practiced just to get a chance to impress her likeness
In a kind enough "I don't care as long as your a good
Person" type of attitude,
While still inside of my shell I just hope I find the
Exact words the stumble into her heart and her
Mind and her soul letting it behold in shiny colors
Bouncing off aluminum through my bold,
Probably not worthy of her time,
Causing sins under the blue skies,
I got alot on my mind,
Don't want her alone like Caroline,
Just sending shivers down my spine,
Wanna pursue her with all ties,
You're thinking your cool , she will never go for that,
With those beautiful eyes.

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