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Friday, July 1, 2016

19 Ep (Official)


By Arcassin Burnham

01. ...And Then It Cuts To Static

I know you like the shoes on my feet,
Walking into trouble,
I'm learning everything I could possibly
Know about all of our existences that reside
In smokey flamed wood alleys getting the
Alcohol out of our systems and fornicate on
Who to blame for adultery,
But the only thing on your mind is to blame
And insult me,
I got nothing against you or your armada honey,
Life is already bad enough for us all apparently,
Cause I've been chasing the rain and it shoots the
Roses away from all of the chaos and mischief just
Sitting right at our door steps while handing guns
To the teenagers that don't know any good,
I guess that's why they call it the hood,

02. Never Seen Such Light

Never seen you here before until today with your
Smile and your grace , and your style , and your face 
Looking at me as I stare into the dark corridors,
Your pride melted like cheap smores that devoured
Souls of their assisters and brother keepers , we don't
Ignore the way they treat us,
I got the remedy In case your anxiety comes like a 
Sequel in hopes to hide the truth to a better meaning,
That's lethal,
Never seen such light like yours ,
Your neon's peaking,
Earthquake your fate into a mistake that Carry's weight
And extra baggage so that you won't get a date to who
Is just right or average.

03. Inconsistent

You say your peace , I say mine,
But mine is stronger,
I tell you get out my face,
I'm not a stoner,
Consistency is the key, by making life what it is,
I have no doubts in my mind that God will mess
Up this shit,
Already did an inconsistent job on my independence,
I got no patients for a tyrant and all its ignorance,
Possess anxiety and depression and all of these phases,
Maybe I'm bipolar or I'm crazy one of the two will be spacious,
I love Caucasian females,
They have such lovely Embrace,
But I can't keep damn there one because I'm a damn disgrace,
You try to disrespect me , I'll put you right back in your place,
Life is just funny ya know , but I wanna die smiling anyway.
Cheese :)

04. ~late~

You ain't gotta be the walk of shame,
Or cover up and hide your garden from
The windows to my soul,
I see,
Alot of potential in you but I can't be the
One to blame as I walk through the grass
Testing the moon and stars to my advantage
While listening to something classical but
In actuality I really have a tendency to match
You with every song that I play with just
Simple mp3's,
Love me baby please,
I'll wait for you all night and all day I'm 
Trembling to have you in my arms just
Straight being a tease,
Take this as a perfect request,
I would go on a quest with help from other
People that are willing to get me to you,
Hope this is not a test,
Too late to forget your face,
And two of us in this place,
The trust we'll never erase,
Won't let it be a phase,
In a place like this.........

05. Disgusted #1

Sick to stomach about the things that
I lack frequently so,
I put my life on the line for myself in order to grow,
I have no job , I have no life , I have no purpose in
Haven't learned all the proper facts in life
To become a man,
Facing anxiety and depression , I don't know what
Is real,
I try to tell them but they don't understand how I must
So in the future I realize that I have to live alone,
No calls , no text or even a use of a phone,
I missed my chance at success and I will never get it 
I mess up everything, I'm a wreck and that is a strong
Known fact,
Non of these teens around here have the curse that I do
I write to release the pain of being figured out,
So I'm disgusted,
With my life,
You can't be trusted,
God will smite,
If your just worthless to everybody that you don't
Really Like.

06. Seen It

The city of angels won't pull you out of reality,
The peelings of your skin that brushes mine
To band together with a force that the demons
Couldn't overthrow if they could or would take
Over the millions of brains that record memory
That forces demonic empathy upon the weak 
And defenseless,
Let's ,
Be careful with overbearing sessions of being 
Jealous of one another by default and ones 
Short comings,
I swear I seen this coming.

07. Disgusted #2

Not redeemable in the slightest bit of having
Better luck to being a big shot while collecting what
Is suppose to be mine,
I have no kinda time to waste time on tyrants like
I'm trying to succeed in wealth,
No luck with getting some help,
And they say life is what you make it,
Well i made it into hell,
And I swear that I can tell nobody cares about
My way of living but all I really wanna do is
Do good for myself,
I can not spend all of my time just sitting,
Choking the life out of my future while 
I'm dying from maintaining my wealth.

08. In The Clear

Sectioning out the number of loses in my
History from exs to family,
There's a thing called holy Trinity, 
*Hope my life will get better soon from all the*
If there was a chance, 
Id take it,
I'm ready and willing,
I usually stay out of problems that my neighborhood 
Got a bundle full of fake friends that simply know
My name,
Had to hold on to the memories of prices I paid,
But after awhile I got tired and just perished away,
*Now that I'm operation ghost I can not speak to anyone*,
Stay inside everyday and paranoia is really fun,
Sarcasm is one of the things I picked up from this
*I'm changing all of my appearances to something*
*More conspicuous*, 
This is getting more and more ridiculous, 
And I just keep fighting this anxiety while I stay
Staying hidden from the world,  no more psychiatrists,
You think I'm missing sanity well I'm not missing this,
I just hope I'm in the clear.

09. Disgusted #3

A failure at heart of all the most harshest things
Will never see the inside of a lovely fling,
I will never get to experience the finer things,
And will never get to take in all the beautiful things,

Disgrace by some and mistaken by others,
Everyone sees you as an entity just hiding in dark
Corridors and making the ghost sounds because your
Trapped behind a curtain of shame and pure let downs
Scurrying from the scenes that you've failed to realize,
I wonder how the stars would look in Paradise,
Everyday I realize that I could never do what you do,
Could never obtain the statuses that you possess to be crude,
No I'm not as strong but I'm not afraid to hit you in the face,
To be ridiculed will get you killed, this is not a phase,

When I say I hate you it's not a metaphor,
Family or not , I trust no one,
If this is the way life has to be then bring more,
I'm use to situations anyway to find out what else is in store,
I will be great,
I will rise,


πŸŽ‰Wish Me A Happy Birthday Guys , Thanks So Much for Reading My stuff!!!!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰

I Am Now 19 Today !!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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