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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Real Vacant / My Own"

"Real Vacant / My Own"
By Arcassin Burnham

I don't really count my blessings
If I did,
I'd keep a notepad,
I haven't really learned my lessons
If I did
I'd be on the right path,
Or a bunch of outskirts pushing and landing
In my way and putting voices in my head to
Help me take away the pain of feeling the
Pressure to move forward in my life and
Better myself in this cruel and sick twisted
Planet where there are all false teaches,
No more fake speeches,
No more stars in the sky for people's reaches,
No more fun or sunshine
For the people that get stepped on and
No more keeping folks in line for all these
Stupid rules,
*Things have been getting real vacant*
*leaving my life to struggle*,
I will not die a coward.


**I've been on my own since the day**
**has gone**
**all my friends are gone**
**I'm just still at home**
**of course I'm all alone**
**I'm just waiting on**......
**the right day**
**I've been on my own since the day has gone**
**the skies are red**
**I'm feeling dead**,
**but I wanna die the right way**
**with something lodged in my head**
**I've been on my own**.

"Things Change for People"

- Arcassin B.

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