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Friday, March 3, 2017

"Connection / Just As Playful / Mysterious Girl"

"Connection / Just As Playful / Mysterious Girl"
by Arcassin Burnham

*I feel like*..*i feel like*,
*i feel like being close to you is not gonna hurt*...
*if i run*..*if i run*,
*if i run out of time*,*this won't be good to you*...
*bet you noticed*..*bet you noticed*,
*bet you noticed all the times i was there for you*...
*i was saddened*..*i was saddened*,
*I was saddened by how you would react*..
The miles of love we've ran for days has never came to pass and,
And each time we sacrifice something that never caved in,
Too many feelings we embark,
I've only loved you from the start , then it faded away in the dark.


Swearing this piece of cloth on this floor would remind me of all the playful times,
there is no secret that i use to love you more than you assumed i did when i was out of line,

And saying things i didn't mean,
it did not seem like it was a dream,
from kissing you in all the various forms in your possession when i bleed,
new blood,
of forgotten love making we created ,
i was thinking maybe it would be something more authenticated,
you mistake it,
for an open relation,
that wasn't so,
but you moved on like a central station,
and i..
Started from the bottom,
just add some rocks in..
Dealing with my problems,
containing my sins..


Mysterious Girl,
you don't have to owe the world a proven doubt at all,
when the only thing you do is fall,

like the leaves that posses gravity like we all do,
its not your fault but we all deserve to have a helping when
we have no way out of this hell we call a world in its weakened state as 
when they relate to a common goal and a familiar phase,

Mysterious Girl,
Don't cry,
please dry those eyes cause the man himself will join us shortly.

"Rapture Us... Please!"

- Arcassin B.

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