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Monday, February 20, 2017

"Is Key / Leg Room"

"Is Key"
By Arcassin Burnham

Watching the flame burn out quicker than most of the times
When I've seen a lot,
Going back to the times in school when I was an outcast and
The feelings were shot,
I'll put myself on display for enemies and envyers just to see,
I have confidence in myself like all you should have in empathy,
Still searching for a way to get out of this place but its still a
problem now,
too much sweat on my face and brow kinda leaked from depression
and disarray,
distorted vision and constant pacing in a room with a broken face,
Looking to the past,
i'm so glad you should ask how i'm doing every time you gain popularity,
turn around and laugh,
when i would speak to you in a world full of starving kids that don't
do half the things you do,
ignoring is key but later on in life you're gonna need someone to
vent to when your days are through.


"Leg Room"
by Arcassin Burnham

Sometimes we could all look for love in 72 places at once,
And all the others just wanna criticize and bring you down,
instead of being positive they're blunt,
But they just need a little leg room , a leg room,
to get out this stress they afflict on you,
its hard to be positive i understand too,
by all these little reckless things that we do,
we need a little leg room , leg room;
decisions don't come easy when we choose,
Be around people that'll understand you,
by all the lovely things that you do,

Blinded by the light but it'll teach us,
taunted by the strong knowing that the're really just like us,
living all through the system with your bible in your hand,
but not knowing they're getting ready to judge us,
if this wasn't hard enough,
to gain what we earned in this stuff,
a society that's corrupt,
you would have thought that we were stuck,
you see depression is a given in this world , we can't adjust,
please trust,
and give your time to people that don't sell out or backstab,
we ain't a free people,
guess thats why we just need to laugh,
when was the last time you ever had fun with your dad,
and all the embarrassing things he does and had a great tact,
i don't know why i mentioned that,
But i just need a little leg room , a leg room,
but really this my gift to all of you.

"Actually , trust is key".

 - Arcassin B.

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