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Sunday, November 13, 2016

"It's Your Fault I Feel This Way"

"It's Your Fault I Feel This Way"
By Arcassin Burnham

I would tell friends time and time again I would never 
Love a single soul just to not get hurt,
*It's her fault I feel this way*...
Cleaning everything I didn't have to clean dragging myself
Less through life but like more in dirt,
*It's her fault I feel this way*...

*I could*,
*be in love again*...
Cause it always backfires and,
There's not enough trust on the table to fit on a plate,
Even meeting someone that can relate, still won't give you the
So I feel like I'm wasting my time,
But it's not me getting out of line..
I wanna treat you with the love respect that you need,

*see the*,
*face of marriage*, *in my life*,
*and that's okay*.

"Love could be a wrong choice sometimes"

- Arcassin B.

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