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Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Too Desperate"


                                                       "Too Desperate"
                                BY Arcassin Burnham

Do you wonder why,
i be around you all the time,
from the butterflies,
to the bird and the bees,
cant find a finner line,
between you and me,
but i fly through the trees,
dark clouds,
and rain falls,
and evaporate,
over and over,
to see the cycle,
do the love i have for you is real,
or do i stalk you enough,
all i wanna do is just chill,
not lock you down,
are you feeling us,
or am i too desparate,
i love the feeling that your feeling,
when your feeling restless,
but am i still too desparate,
when i know everything about ya,
but you dont know,
so i just be nervous and hide from ya,
i am Too Desparate.

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