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Sunday, January 27, 2013

"The U-N-B-O-R-N Kiss" MAY 30TH - Poetry Listing


                                                    The U-N-B-O-R-N Kiss
                                          COMING MAY 30

                                                01.Tori's Waiting
                                                02.<3 Pt.1
                                                03.EmO Gurl
                                                04.Lov G.O.O.D (A Hugger)
                                                05.Golf st.
                                                06.Fool To Your Soul
                                                07.<3 Pt.2
                                                08.Racist Parents (Hateful)
                                                09.GREEN Place
                                                10.Dance Nite
                                                11.Hugs For All (She Thought)
                                                12.A GurL That LoveD Jesus
                                                13.No One
                                                14.<3 Pt.3
                                                15.IGNORED For Awhile
                                                16.See Through
                                                17.We Still Talk (Angels)
                                                18.EmotiC Love
                                                19.IN Four Months
                                                20.IM Here Toria (3 Hearts)
                                                21.I Should Have Kissed Her
                                                22. The One

                                                COMING SOON MAY 30TH

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