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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Broken Virgin Pt.1"

                                                            "BrokeN VirgiN"
                                        BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

She was a freshmen,
a shy little teen,
just waitin for since of direction,
life-long lesson,
but that was all in between,
she just had no room to question,

Grew up alittle and,
got her a boy,
that time ran out with the capsule full of sand,
i guess he was the choise,

Her mother never liked him,
but she saids that she dont know,
they love that they share quite grim,
mother and daughter relations never showed,

she was smartest and cutest,
i guess thats why all the girls hated her,
her attitude was ruthless,
but they could never deal with her,

kissin in the hall when nobody's around to see,
taking it a step further,
only to find a place to do what was easy,
to him,
but not to her..........................

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