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Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Through The Trees" (Full Version)

                       "Through The Trees" (Full Version)
                                         BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

Through The Trees i will follow,
just lead the way,
and we can see tomorrow,
Tell them pages to turn away,
give me the light,
and ill make you stay,
cause everybody just want somebody to love,
and see that every passing moment was a big mistake,
so everything i said was all to you,
let me show me show you that i love you,
with a song or two,
melody made by me and you,
she said i dont need another,
i'll be your woman,
and i said,were 15 , but lets love like were older,
love me like we're sober,
you were my love drug,
hooked on you like allday,
better than sugar or syrup,
right here ill stay,
kissin your face,
and tell you goodnite,
we can meet any place,
im sure god will say,
you two are alrite,
Through The Trees.

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