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Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Poetic Lovers (You And I)"

                                      "Poetic Lovers (You And I)"
                 By Arcassin Burnham

Days with you,
Are So Joyous,
you and me,
Our Love Newly
or poison,
Together forever,
thats what we live by,
through any climate of the weather,
For you,
ill never say goodbye,

Your downloaded,
not a free-trial,
i feel so happy,
everytime i put your number on my phone,
that i dial,
girl i wanna be around you,
like flower and some soil,
kiss your neck,
makin your blood boil,

The One For me,
our love is scarless,
be all in your fantasy,
with you to the fears,
im fearless,
Two teens with the same mind,
actin loosly,
xoxo dont you mind,
So glad that you chose me.

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