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Monday, April 25, 2016

"Doves Cry (R.I.P Prince)"

"Doves Cry (R.I.P Prince)"

By Arcassin Burnham

We loved your music ,
We loved your presence,
We felt your words,
We looked at life in different way,
Fatal for the birds,
Did I say birds I mean doves,
We watched them cry all day,
beautiful ones they will hurt you,
Don't let them get away,
Out of sight and out of mind from a frame
That has been broken in twelve different pieces
Lingering in sinful nature blasting through 
Your feelings like an erupting soda can and all
It's essence believing you could be all you could
Obtaining creative styles and flows to your advantage
Just shock the world and all its glory,
But poorly we fail to ever tell the story,
Like yes , yes , yes , no ,no ,no,
Tell , tell , me , so , so , so,
Like a kiss at a lake in the night where the toads like to
croak, croak , croak,

....And the doves keep crying.

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