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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Broken Glass II"

"Broken Glass 2"
Arcassin Burnham

I'm looking for the midnight to come and then
Take me away from this dreadful planet
Watching my sorrows and feelings flutter into
Dust and taking lust and turning it against my
Soul as it makes its way to my heart of what use
To be,
I'll always wanna get rid of me,
Won't save myself for this energy,
Should I have a shaved head and confidence as big
As what I use to be,
Won't let life get the best of me,
Please! I don't need your sympathy,
Talking to these strangers in my head like I've known
Them for years discussing everything my life had to offer
Embedding me with lies to keep me falling in the dark
Of an abyss fit for a failure in life that believes in love
And bleeds like y'all and stands up but sometimes,
May have gotten out of line a few times,
You wouldn't have a life if you just took mine,
Minding my business is not really a crime,
Anxiety sucks and we lose track of time,
Needed love , and you stood me up its alright,
The valley of the diamonds sincerely arise,
Of broken glass in your hand,
Now your bleeding,
That's what you get for deceiving.

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