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Saturday, February 28, 2015

"Angry Heart" (Full Version) (Elizabeth Squires & Arcassin B)

By Arcassin & Elizabeth Squires

Cinematic dramatic troubled teen,
Love drivin,
As far as the eye can see,
You wouldn't believe,
Inspired her to dream and make a mends,
But never give a damn about a single friend,
Shadows creep,
Suicidal to the core,
Whole freshman year,
Known as the whore,
But in life,
You must think,
And save up for what else is in store,
A career, 
Something to hold onto, 
Direction in life,
Not the frittering away,
Of a valuable opportunity, 
Troubled teen turning around,
The whore tag within,
Wearing the good girl chameleon skin, 
Paving a diamond studded road ahead, 
Getting her mindset, 
The knife which bought her pain, 
Not needed, 
Of its somberness,
Optimistic aims and goals, 

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