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Friday, February 6, 2015

"Clouding Emotions" (ft.Oceanblue)

By Arcassin B & blue 

"He likes to laugh,
And look happy,
His good humor is never off,
Doesn't mind to sound sappy.
But people don't imagine
That he's just pretending.
Pretending to be happy
When his life is a disaster
Showing he is lucky,
But to his end running faster.
For this he can only blame his own,
Finally being what he is : a sad clown. "
Her smile,
I put in notebooks,
The elegance of skin is so soft,
I seen beauty for all it took,
Passive unanswered messages,
Not really big on answering,
Questions of your aura as it happen,
Mood swings so staggering,
But sorrow is so saddening,
Pressured memories,
Haunt you at midnight,
So you stay up talking to me,
Is the only time you ever wanna reply.

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