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Monday, February 23, 2015

"Dream" (Elizabeth Squires & Arcassin B EP)

By Elizabeth & Arcassin

by the gurgling stream 
he fell into a deep dream 
of a beautiful girl who 
had eyes so pretty of gleam
how she did make 
his heart sang with delight 
as her image reflected 
in the stream's 
bright crystal light,

What's darkest may come to light,
Fly from graduation or tutors,
Hurricanes ruin cities,
Mixed with high jackers,
Free loaders,
But in the dark,
Run to the light,
Trauma stricken,
In the foreseeable future we need to fight,

the dreamer's perception
of beauty is wiped out 
in the environs so broken 
and torn horribly about 
the shadowed lamp 
of fantasy which offers unto 
us the mired mirror 
of malcontent which is 
in this our abysmal society,

If you come to a conclusion,
And have sense to maintain the illusion,
You can make it a reality,
Also to institutions,
Beautiful stages of goals to be made,
Grow a flower,
Open a door,
Influence the shade,

we are capable of making
our purpose is to 
bringing into existence
the mind of the dreamer 
his purpose is to see 
that by all humans
working together 
they can solve the ills and inequities 
which plague our earth,

Success runs through the heart of people that are determined,
Trial and tribulations are sold separately,
And don't a servant,
To people that don't wanna see you,
Give and succeed,
Your dreams.

Elizabeth Squires & Arcassin B EP coming soon

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