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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


By Arcassin Burnham

Don't let sorrow pull away from the ones that love you most,
Like me,
Not more than me,
Than who could it be,
Want you to be in my life,
Not just a memory,
As beautiful as sweet melodies,
And peonies,
I'm just trying to be the one,
For you to be my queen,
And for you to one day marry me,
We could be such a team,

And maybe thats why I tell myself,
Not to catch any feelings,
I'd be your friend to the end if you let me,
I care for you,
Even in your darkest hour,
A place where everything is limited,
Turn from sweet to sour,
Got a thousand reasons why I love you,
I just care for you,
When I talk to you,
I sweat,
Its not something you'd regret,
Make promises that are kept,
And future references,
I suggest,
I've always predicted what would happen when it happened,
But I just wanna know if you'd let me do my best,

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