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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"WORDS (To Tell)"

                                                              "WORDS (To Tell)"
                                           by ARCASSIN BURNHAM

I Remember This Girl,
That Blocked Herself From Everyone,
She Was A Broken Soul,
any sibblings,
She Was the only one,
I mean i cant find the words to tell you that you special,

The Death Of Her Mom,
Just Impacted All of Us,
To What HAS become of it,
So clearly her love gets dangerous,
so i cant find the words to tell you your strong,

Walkin The Beach,
We Talked About our Problems,
The Stories That She REached,
Was Alot more than her troubles,
i trying to find the words to tell you your loved,

And That Point She Stared into my eyes,
I wanted to kiss Her,
But i couldnt ,
Didnt want the love she had for corey
go Wrong for HER,
but i just gotta tell you to live life,
until oneday your in the skies above.

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