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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Silly Games (Sabrina)"

                                                          "Silly Games (Sabrina)"
                                            BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

All around you are lovly wonders,
Im round you now and i still wonder,
do we have the same vibe
To be friends or put in time
For me And you,
The same sassyness and grime,
im appalled by you,

Tryna make you as though your love really matters,
as kool as you are
i wouldnt think anything would matter,
im perfect man with manners thats the same,
chill kid from esponola,
to me
its just not a thing,

I love the way you play your silly games,
you chase me around the streets
and then i go insane,
im tired of playin around,
i just chill and watch with you,
hopin i could get some time to,
to put my arms around you,
then kiss you in beautiful virtue,

To be honest
when i was going with her i was thinkin of you
i just wanna be the one you give your vibin heart to
sabrina i love you.

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