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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Life In Pain(lil sumthin for Tori) Pt .1"


                                                            "Life IN Pain Pt .1"
                                            by Arcassin B.                                        
Dont you get tired,
Of The Stress In Your Heart,
I Wanna Make You Happy,
I Wanna MakeYou Happy,
Dont You just hate when Our
Friendship Parts,
and go their Separate Ways,
and go their Separate Ways,
Dont you just wanna see a new world,
I can show you love
i can show you love,
Then maybe you can be someones girl,
Taking you above
Taking you above,

Why do you live your life in pain,
When all you have to do is just stay the same
And when people try to put you down,
you try to pick up the pieces that remain,

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