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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Ur Not The One PT1"

                                                       "Ur Not The One Pt1"
                                                           BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

I thought you were my everything,
But i see i was wrong,
you wanted the finner things,
I wanted to be strong,
Use to be crazy and loud,
like a revolver and pink lazers,
sometimes you made me barely proud,
And There would be times i hate ya,

The break-up was worth it,
You invented triggers and guns,
Eventhough you said you didnt want me nomore,
Its alright because your not the one,
But Leaving Was Right,
Thats the Part I wasnt determine to fight,
Sometimes There would be happy times,
And hung up all over your room were christmas Lights,
Kissin to every song we played,
You always love the kiss of French,
Some days we meet they were delayed,
With some of the lonley nites i spent.

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