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Tuesday, February 23, 2016



by Arcassin Burnham

**Pacing back and forth cause I don't know where you are**,
the mind and the body is telling me your destroyed in this time to tell me truths that will make me feel the same about every love I've ever had,
and to know I didn't have my dad,
around my life would be safe haven bound,
blood spills from the sky,
save me,
I say hello and wave goodbye
to the world,
save me,
I'm in desperate need of life,
save me,
put me in the same category
as this guy,
save me cause I need someone that will be there through bad times and i know there's not enough friendship left on this tiny planet,
save me,
I had some advantages in my life to make it right with all the blessings I didn't receive,
no miracles,
no good memories,
my self-esteem is in pieces,
save me.

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