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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mandy 2 mEP

Mandy 2 mEP

By Arcassin Burnham 

1. Come Back Mandy

*all I wanna do is make you love me*,

*say how much I really care*,

*I don't know when it'll bloom between us*,

*but I know there is some kind of love there*,

Why won't you come back to me,
Remembering all the simple things we'd do,
Forgetting all the memories, 
Of feelings that I had mistreating you,
I would say sorry,
All these worries
Would come to us,
Bet your bottom dollar,
Ill be,
So right for us,
Ill fight for us,
Just come back Mandy.

2. Missed Your Face

Sizing up my variations to see a new day,
Dressing up and see it come to an end,
Begging for salvation that you would return
And mark my words but instead I'm being a
Shakes me to the core knowing your gone,
I had no choice,
But to just sit here and die on my feet,
Loving all the things you did and things you 
With these miles love your torturing me,

Cause I missed your face,
And your skinny waist,
I gave your lips a taste,

Going back and forth, 
Trembling my mind into a state where I just
Know how to get out,
Missing you plus kissing you would make me
Not loving you maybe then some feelings will
Cause I missed your face,
And your skinny waist,
I gave your lips a taste.

3. Angelic 

Looking for a taste in my old uniform, 
I'm searching for a purpose in my old
I feel that clarity in my head,
I need some loving in my bed,
I start to feel the rush in this old uniform,
I miss your warm embrace, 
The style would break,
I need a little more of a taste to get through the day,
I need that smile,
Those lips,
Angelic face, 
I wish there were more like you in the human race,
I'm glad I understand it all but I cope too late,
When I think that loving you is a big mistake, 
I keep on telling myself it's another phase, 
To all the situations in life that I can't relate.

4. Mandy's Desire

Her craving was lust she had it all
To her advantage, 
Could have gave those other boys 
The love if they could even stand 
Was the top student in class but 
Didn't give a shit about knowledge, 
Wanted to smoke and drink and party
like it's nobody's business.

5. Still

I'm sorry,
I'm trying, 
To make it right,
And all your tears can put out fires,
Lets spark a light,
Ive got nothing to run back to,
So isolated,
Choose to hate,  or can you choose,
Lost in translation, 

Why do you take things to heart in this life,
Why do you take things so personal, 
I watched your heart melt in my hands,
Now personalities getting very comical, 
And still, 
And still,
You take things so personal,
And still,
And still,
You use to be sensual.

6. Will You Ever Come Back

If you ever called me back one day
I'd be ecstatic and my head will be filled with joy in
Hopes to see your beautiful face without 
Any marks or bruises, 
I feel useless without the thought of you and
Being in your presence to be kissing you and 
Holding you in a grass field away from the mean
Sharing sheets and getting comfortable,
Talking about our days,
Loving each others company and swaping spit 
In different ways,
*Mandy I love you*
And sometimes I might have this tough exterior, 
And it may seem like I don't care,
All I have to say is please come back and stare
Into my eyes that hides sadness and regret of
Making you jealous in the past,
I had to ask myself. 

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!

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