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Monday, February 8, 2016

"In The Rain"

"In The Rain"

By Arcassin Burnham

When you ask me to...

Even I can't stand.....

When you ask me to stay,
Believing love is just a phase,
Bad memories I can't erase,
Tears running down your cheek from sorrow,
I have too much on my plate,
And you have a lot of baggage,
We're so good for each other that it will
Never manage,
Searched the world for someone like you
But failed to find the qualities that I
Souly desired,
I don't believe in you,
I don't put my trust in you at all,
We fall,
Then it's a mistake we can not admit it all,
Curl up in a ball,
Cry to the heavens,
There's no call,
We withdrawal,

And when you ask me to stay,
Even I can't stand the rain,
I've been suffering , I'm in pain,
Our affection are ripples in lakes,
Trying to see if you're okay,
Your giving sin a taste,
Of what's to come and where we stay
One more wish to kiss your pretty face.

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