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Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Yellow And Green Flower Bed / Price"

"Yellow And Green Flower Bed / Price"

by Arcassin Burnham

Sweet Fridays wake the sun again,

The wind takes care of them
that never ends,

The beauty in them reflects the
beauty in you,
and you shall prevail giving them
an awe display,
let them know your name,
all shall unfold and be reframed,
people kept the strain,
this flower bed reminds me of
the war that when an officer holds a
gun up to your face,
sliding a flower into the hole,
and they continue to fire,
makes me really sad and angry at the world,
and what people portrayed it to be in the


...Sometimes we gotta pay the price
for the mistakes we've made
the people we've hurt,
the sins we commit,
in the end it doesn't mean shit,
cause we were all born to die,
all to die,
no use of staying alive,
so put the noose around your neck,
and keep hope alive.

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