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Sunday, November 8, 2015

"The Valley's Road"

"The Valley's Road"

by Arcassin Burnham

Through the trees , I will follow,
you into the waterfalls of bliss,
but hope ignorance lingers,
I feel the blood on my finger,
must have been a real love stinger,
if the bees are out today,
need to wear some extra yellow
to avoid decay,
I go where the road will take me,
if I float today,
cherry blossoms on the morrow,
everything is happy today,
taking on 7 years of poverty for a
better heaven,
but the devil has a hold on me
with cloud out side
and an unsure expression,
valley road is all I need.


Putting pieces together to find
My way,
I wasn't even sure enough
That you would stay,
The love in shall prosper,
I keep replacing jigsaws cause I
Can't find the right piece,
I wanna find peace,
In you,
Beautiful chocolate covered rose,
Is it edible,
To get the kisses that I want is
It eligible,
But I keep putting more together,
Maybe this will go on forever.

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