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Monday, November 16, 2015

"Beautiful Soul"

"Beautiful Soul"

by Arcassin Burnham 

When her hair flows out the window,
it's just much different, 
in this difficult reality is a curse we all
and live in,
her beautiful spirit is the only thing 
that drives me sane,
when I can't maintain, 
putting eyes on her pain
and the flaws that a blind man can see,
we could all feel the strain,
thinking out loud but too sure of myself, 
that maybe one day we'll get married on
a beach,
giving up faith, 
I bless the day I met you,
Hearts in your eyes,
Measure of time with no wealth, 
but love at first sight,
I'm suffocating, 
I'm out of breath, 
a love with no help,
an army at your finger tips,
non of the men can kiss your lips like i can,
I can,  I will,
be the one to fulfill,
desires were always ordeal.

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