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Tuesday, October 13, 2015



by Arcassin Burnham

A bad girl is what you are,
And I wouldn't change a thing, 
go against your fathers wishes love,
we could all feel the sting,
of everything that you do,
You're a uninvited unromantic substance
that I need in my brain,
you're a drug,  that can not ever be tamed,
burning brighter than the Phoenix put to work
by the hour,
you're the Sabbath brushing over with
mind control powers,
I wouldn't change a thing, 
stay where you are,
a thing,
I wouldn't change a thing, 
stay where you are now,
miss thing,
Making any man melt from his head to
his feet,
also could make them sweat of every
glance on first meet,
with resistance your a silver dollar,
enough to approach a blue collar,
enough smarts to be a scholar,
i get misty eyed looking at pretty faces,
and right now their scorching,
I have to figure out what else is important, 
I swear I wouldn't change a thing.

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