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Friday, October 9, 2015

"Deceiver" (ft. Sweet Pea)


by Arcassin B & Sweet Pea

SP: :::theCry:::


My prince 
I feel you dearly through
all that angst. No feigning emotion
or pretense. It is I...who wants
this kiss, to touch each one: of
your lips and all those  cancerous 

I've been 
quietly forlorn,
yes , I've talked to somebody
to ease my pain. Our Lullaby
made out of Cymbeline's notes&
daughter's cry....Imogene tears
married, but my heart was yours
Betrothed to someone else, in spite 
ring on the finger- to fool
the old King

...look at me, 
married wife,
but moreover 
most precious
lover to you
I hoped

So, please tell
the voices to 
quiet down...our time will 
soonly come. Put your 
cheek to my heart, look at
bosoms pink fiber...aspic marble's
cradle...marked for death now.

My sweet love, 
i am woman made of
emotion...the only alternative plan 
is to live in harmony, 
not a commotion

I'm letting you go, 
please make up your it on your own. I'm no
convincer...just listen to the prosthetic
heart. It's beat pure, and true is...
mounted up high...I'm a twig broken in 
half; an arrow
already dead...

How can I defend've 
already made up your mind. My only 
apology is...we've wasted our time

myopia and friends...their whispers 
judged my heart, the head chopped was before
our affair even begun...
you hit and then run
you've said the 
magical words...I've longed
to hear from you. I can't compete with
what's preordained...I loved you
my sweet, sweet well now
you are free.
AB: Don't pretend you love me in the time
of pure pain , 
I hold my head in shame,
I could tell that you've be quiet,
And you need somebody to talk to,
lullabys in anger, 
being married is a
voices sing in the night and the stars
remind me of some things I once had,
life would be so much different in every
little strand and particle...
...I had a dad,
So don't pretend like you care when we
both know you have an alternative plan, 
I don't want anything to do with your
now that you could understand, 
you didnt try.

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