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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Sorry Babe (I Wanna Be)"

"SorrY Babe (I wANNA BE)"

remember we were talking,
and you said you couldn't love another like me,
stuttering and slurring butterflies to find a simple empathy,
sorry babe,
im not as nervous as you silly,

crowding all the emotions to see it through to the end,
i want to see the dawn with you ,
the little games we play to pretend,
like you were the nurse and i was the patient,
sorry babe,
to kiss you , i was impatient,

let it,
letting the seasons pass us by in a state of confusion,
you cant be too lost ,
not knowing what you want and trapped like a poison,
sorry babe,
i wanna be the state of your illusions.

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