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Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Catty Love (No Dogs Allowed)"

"Catty Love (No Dogs Allowed)"
By Arcassin Burnham

lick my paws,
to find that i'm insecure,
no utter sign of flaw,
left to be occured,
for that i am cursed,
no way of feeling diverse,
all i know is i love you,
and our kittens,
i wouldnt trade ya'll for the world,
but to the world,
im just a cat,
you'll be my cat girl,
feelings that should be sat,
or put to rest just for that,
reason why i cant produce as quickly as any regular cat,
that sat back,
thinking and swinging his tail forth and back,
i meant back and forth,
sometimes i fall off track,
slurring my words and meanings,
i such a cool cat,
but walk in my fir,
and see the world in twenty different ways,
rolling around in the dirt,
im a dirty cat what more can i say.

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