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Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Shooting Stars (Your Good Deeds)" (Full Version)

"Shooting Stars (Your Good Deeds)"
(Full Version)
By Arcassin Burnham

your glossy eyes,
and my eye lashes,
like what more can i say,
lead to good moments,
some moments i cant look back on,
the shooting star wont let me anyway,
so i mite as well just stay home,
and fall astray,
waking up in the middle of the day,
then comes night,
i was the center of her left thigh,
telling my love when she use to cry,
being locked away for good,
in the crazy house that wasnt good,
all the emotions,
they had to die,
the light just fly over,
looking at us like a pile of ants,
like the miracles of lucky stoner,
that does his happy dance,
like the necklace on your neck,
and the style in your grace,
you deserve a emmy,
for that lovely face,
if you ever get lost , just follow,
the light,
for your good deeds and your time,
im glad we had this night.

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