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Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Fully Understand Me"

"Fully Understand Me"
by Arcassin B

i wanna be where you are,
and still till this day,
want my name tattooed on you like the virgin,
sitting on the everglades,
i love you like the sadness i endure in my heart,
i wear my heart on my sleeve,
only once we fell apart,
when you love someone ,
you just dont treat them bad,
give me time until the sun,
so i could never hurt u back,
and if i call you right back,
you wont pick unless i wait,
waiting for you til eternity,
is why i break my back,
just to see you smile,
ill walk for miles,
but you dont fully understand me,
hoping you could have my child,
to plan our future,
swear i wanna be where you are,
plans to make life better,
as in better and life,
i mean forever,
dont you ever,
give your love away,
give me some time,
and ill make it right,
to keep as you are,
i plan to be where you are,
but you dont fully understand me.

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